Living in our houses is a real joy that is moreover “flavoured“ by very low operational costs in comparison with other buildings. We deliver beautiful wooden houses – family houses but also business or administrative objects with stable quality and durability of hundreds of years. From the tropes beyond the polar circle they are known for its top world quality not only in the area of whole year living.  
In Canada around 20 000 wooden houses are constructed and sold annually which is more than in the entire Europe. An important part from these houses is destined for the market with similar requirements as there are in the market of Slovak and Czech republics. It means that more than in wooden design the investors are interested in a house that from exterior does not look like a wooden house and its final cover is made of plasterboard, stone facing, “fake“ bricks etc. These wooden houses are less expensive. Investors in the region of central Europe are still not used to ( except for alpine regions or other exceptions ) invest to wooden houses with fully confessing it from the exterior. These wooden houses are more expensive.
An important part of population has an erroneous idea that wooden houses of good quality are more affordable than brick or similar houses. It is probably caused by low price of offered “wooden houses“ on local market that are often not very related to the real wooden houses. They use different material or technologies – durability, thermal technical and sanitary parameters do not even have to be mentioned. We think that producers of these “wooden houses“ act against the development of wooden houses  on our market and therefore also against the nature of their own business.  In our conditions the terms wooden house and prefabricated construction are often interchanged. Paradoxically due to the above mentioned reasons the wooden houses are desired by those who want to invest the least in their construction. Therefore they are always on wrong address when they look for high quality wooden houses in our company or elsewhere. If a wooden construction is considerably cheaper than an ordinary brick house, it is obvious that it is not a good quality and the low investment will soon deceive the investor. A complete wooden house up to the last ornamental lath is as well as for a brick house ( similar to buying bricks and plasterboard ) just about 35 - 45% from the total price of turnkey delivery. 

Wooden constructions of good quality are in Europe generally by approximately 10% more expensive compared to brick constructions. We offer the wooden construction of the highest quality in the world – Canadian and Finnish products made of coveted slowly growing wood in polar areas – red polar pine, red cedar, northern spruce and fir. Canada and Finland have been for many decades the leaders of world market of wooden houses. Also depending on the construction type and producer the wooden houses can be more expensive than the European average by other 30 - 60%.

On average 10% higher cost of wooden construction is already compensated by the fact that the walls of our wooden houses do not have to be thicker than the half of bricked walls thickness which makes the usable area of wooden house for the same built-up area of just a 1-storey object larger by 10%. For an object with more floors this amount is multiplied. In case the investors wish to keep the same price, they can have proportionally smaller built-up area for the same usable area. 
If so far you haven’t thought of living whole year round in such a house or object, do not hesitate, check out our information, we will help you to get oriented in this field ( we offer more than 1 000 basic types of houses from approximately 100 types of wall constructions from more manufacturers which means approximately 100 000 different options ) and definitely we can join forces to implement your idea. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Standardly we can easily transcend the current desired parameters for low-energy houses. 
In case you will face the criticism of wooden houses, do not let it discourage you, they are as anything else – incredibly various and many times except for wood, and even that very variable, they have nothing in common – no critics of wooden constructions live in our houses because if they could try such living, they certainly wouldn’t be critical any more.

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