We do not mislead our investors or tell them half-truths.
We listen to our investors.

We do not „peel off“ the price in order to make it the most attractive for the investor, but in the contrary, the investors will get to know from us the highest possible cost of the construction and turnkey delivery, together with pricing of their work in case they do any. However it is not absolutely necessary – it is sufficient if they take care of financing.

We do not increase the agreed prices during the construction – they are clearly defined at the beginning and all agreements are transparent.
There is no noise and no dust on the construction site.
We do not need water or expensive electricity for the construction.
Hidden installations are documented by pictures, in case investors do not do them themselves.
A common family house is ready for moving in within 3-5 months, depending on its size. In case of delivery and construction of just the „Framing package“, we finish our delivery to the agreed point within several days or weeks and investors can continue in construction themselves.
We offer important benefits – the highest quality, health safety, great instant as well as  long-term investing opportunity, not only for you but also for your future generations, great warranties, and motivation benefitsdiscounts, kitchen desk, car etc.
Our manufacturers are on the market for several decades: since years 1949, 1968 and 1973.
We, CONUS Group, their representatives, are on the market since 1990, within one year since it became possible.
All our customers are also our friends or good acquaintances – we are especially proud of this as well as they are proud owners of our wooden houses. With their initiative we founded informal Club of friends of Finnish wooden constructions and now we are founding the Club of friends of Canadian wooden constructions. As the owner of a wooden construction from our manufactories, you can become a member of these clubs, which do not commit you to anything and neither require anything from you.
We do not have any lawsuits with our investors or suppliers!
During the construction procedure we are insured up to 700 000 € (and as a real estate agency to 50 000 € extra) and our sub suppliers up to 350 000 € - and also that is the reason why many from people that are interested to be our potential sub suppliers cannot be our suppliers – only acknowledged workers proud of their craft and listening to investors can start the construction procedure.

In Canada people cannot build houses on their own. All constructing work can be done only by real professionals.
Each job task is subject to the inspection control and a necessary part of building approval is sign off from the inspectors for all construction jobs. This guarantees the use of correct building material, use of correct constructing processes and of the final value of construction.

© 1990 CONUS

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